Aliza Chasan, Pilar Desha, Maura Ewing


Proposed headline: Americans Care About Losing Weight Less Than They Used Too

News hook: The Nov. 27 release of this poll by Gallup and New Year’s – when many make a resolution to lose weight, exercise more or eat better.

Nut Graf: Americans are less concerned about losing weight, but not because they’re healthier. Slightly less than half of Americans care about losing weight, according to a recent Gallup Poll, even though obesity is a nationwide epidemic.

The Data + Description of Data:

  1. Attitude toward weight – % who want to lose, gain or stay at present weight
  2. % who want to lose weight vs % actually trying to lose weight
  3. obesity rate by state + 95% confidence interval
  4. Self Reported Weight – how people view their weight

All Data is located in this folder:

One Source you’ve spoken to or three potential sources:

  1. Dr. Madelyn Fernstrom, director of the weight-management center at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
  2. Ali Mokdad, professor of Global Health, University of Washington and author of:,
  3. Dr. Satcher, professor at the Morehouse School of Medicine in Atlanta,